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Since 1997

Club Members - in the Baltic States

Valery Komisarov

Lawyer and partner KOM-INVEST SIA

Club Member
04.01.2020 (1036)

Uljana Belokrinicka

Business events manager X INFOTEC

Club Member
04.01.2020 (1041)

Olivier Dal Zuffo


Club Member
04.01.2020 (1104)

Aleksejs Jeļisejevs

Owner "CAC" SIA

Club Member
04.01.2020 (1121)

Hugo Brauwers

Ambassador Hugo Brauwers Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Latvia

Club Member
22.11.2019 (3510)

Ekaterina Frolova

Ekaterina FrolovaProject Manager Buvuzraugi LV

Club Member
14.10.2019 (3450)

Shen Xiaokai

Economic & Commercial Counselor Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Latvia

Club Member
02.05.2019 (7013)

Andrey Pavlov

Andrey PavlovHolding VENDEN group, president

Club Member
12.02.2019 (10340)

Aleksei Matyukhevich

Aleksei MatyukhevichDeputy Head of mission Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Latvia

Club Member
12.01.2019 (11543)

Irina Mirochnik

Irina Mirochnik IMMER Group President

Club Member
11.09.2018 (13901)

Sergejs Jeļisejevs

Sergejs JeļisejevsBusiness development director, shareholder of X Infotech SIA

Club Member
11.09.2018 (14924)

Andrejs Kozels

Andrejs KozelsHead of Bulduru Sporta Klubs

Club Member
31.03.2018 (22493)

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