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Since 1997

Diplomatic Economic Club®

Yachts, motorcycles, bicycles and all for sports

Popular exhibition active recreation and sports "Recreation and sport 2016", "Hunting and fishing 2016", "Motorcycle 2016" and "Baltic Boat Show 2016" held 1-3 April at the International exhibition centre in Riga.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
02.04.2016 (2139)

Together with all progressive people, we are supporting persons in Belgium

We wish to express our sincere condolences for the tragic news from Brussels – terror attack in the heart of Europe. News about victims and people injured brings the feeling of compassion.
Members of the Club share the grief of losses and pass truthful condolence words to the families and friends of those who became victims of the tragic events and suffered, wishing to get well faster to those who were injured.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
24.03.2016 (1905)

Maslenitsa celebration in Jurmala

The sanatorium "Amber coast" in Jurmala, according to tradition, arranged the celebration of Maslenitsa farewell to winter and meeting of spring.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
13.03.2016 (2674)

President of the Diplomatic economic club

Second Secretary of the Embassy of Poland David Tomaszewski completes his work in Latvia and moves to another job.
Club members wish him success in the new place!

Diplomatic Economic Club®
11.03.2016 (3136)

Optimal path to further education

Members of Diplomatic Economic Club (DEC) attended the International Education Fair “Skola 2016” and the Latvian Book Fair 2016 held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre from 26–28 February.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
26.02.2016 (2130)

Modern tendencies of development of economic relations between Latvia and Russia

A meeting was held 18 February at the Diplomatic club with the Ambassador of Russia in Latvia Mr. A. Veshnyakov, about of "Eight years in Latvia", who told about the current situation and the development of relations between the two countries

Diplomatic Economic Club®
18.02.2016 (2100)

Helsinki - Riga 365 kilometers to the south

 Meeting in the Diplomatic Economic Club with the Ambassador of Finland in Latvia H.E. Mr Olli Kantanen Ambassador of Finland to Latvia Olli Kantanen at a meeting on 3rd December in the Diplomatic Economic Club spoke about the current economic development in Finland, trade and economic relations

Diplomatic Economic Club®
01.02.2016 (2996)

Hungary - the art of hospitality

 Robinson Tours. Jakócs GyörgyCountry where you feel calm, where the healing water is a little and amazingly diverse. The Hungarian evening was held February 4 at the Diplomatic Economic Club

Diplomatic Economic Club®
04.01.2016 (2946)

Success, prosperity and peace in the New Year 2016

Success, prosperity and peace in the New Year!Diplomatic Economic Club wishes everyone a Happy New Year!
Continue to be received good wishes and greetings Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Diplomatic Economic Club®
22.12.2015 (4539)

Uzbekistan - the sovereign democratic republic

Reception in Riga, devoted to the Day Constitution of UzbekistanThe Embassy of Uzbekistan in Latvia and Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) held an evening dedicated to the Constitution Day of Uzbekistan

Diplomatic Economic Club®
09.12.2015 (2928)

Development of potential of Uzbekistan in modern conditions

Meeting in the Diplomatic Economic Club with the Ambassador of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr.Afzal Artikov Meeting in the Diplomatic Economic Club with the Ambassador of Uzbekistan H.E. Mr.Afzal Artikov.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
29.11.2015 (2737)

Belgium and Flanders: your gateway for business with Western Europe

 Belgium and Flanders:  your gateway for business with Western Europe.  Frank Van EyndeDiplomatic economic club in cooperation with Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), Belgium, held a business oriented presentation

Diplomatic Economic Club®
26.11.2015 (2648)

Diplomatic Economic Club®

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