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Czech lands are well known from the end of the IX century

Guest of the Diplomatic Economic Club the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Latvia, H.E. Mr Pavol Šepel'ák spoke about current developments of trade economic relations between Latvia and Czech Republic.

Diplomatic Economic Club
02.04.2015 (2502)

Active lifestyle fans

Club members visited a comprehensive exhibition Recreation and sport 2015. Recreational activities and sport, fishing and hunting, yachts and motorcycles, showrooms and competitions

Diplomatic Economic Club
27.03.2015 (2977)

Celebration of Irish St. Patrick's Day

Irish Ambassador to Latvia Aidan Kirwan held a reception on St. Patrick's Day celebration on 17 March

Diplomatic Economic Club
17.03.2015 (3378)

Building exhibition House I 2015

Wide range of modern construction concepts, innovative home environment control systems and many more were presented to Diplomatic club members on the biggest exhibition in Riga

Diplomatic Economic Club
12.03.2015 (3302)

Independence Day of Estonia

On February 24, the Ambassador of Estonian Embassy in Latvia Tonis Nirk held a reception due to a 97th Anniversary of Estonian Independence Day.

Diplomatic Economic Club
24.02.2015 (2805)

The pancakes symbolizes sun, which elongates the photic day

Malsenitsa is an ancient slavonic holiday, that symbolizes the end of the winter. Members of the Diplomatic Economic Club had visited the celebration in Jurmala in sanatorium Amber shore

Diplomatic Economic Club
22.02.2015 (2453)

Chinese New Year Spring Festival

Diplomatic Economic Club congratulated PRC Ambassador to Latvia and everyone else with the upcoming Spring Festival

Diplomatic Economic Club
13.02.2015 (2812)

The Ambassador of Russian Federation at the meeting in the Diplomatic Economic Club

The modern actualities and mutual relationships between the countries were discussed during the meeting in the Diplomatic Economic Club with the Ambassador of Russian Federation A. Veshnyakov

Diplomatic Economic Club
12.02.2015 (2579)

Magnificent mountains, vast forests, and mineral springs of Slovakia

The Ambassador of Slovakia in Latvia Mr. Peter Hatiar at the evening in the Diplomatic Economic Club held a presentation about economic potential and development of his country.

Diplomatic Economic Club
07.02.2015 (3348)

A choice of new travel routs

Diplomatic club members attended the opening ceremony of the international tourism fair Balttour 2015 and studied tourism offers in Latvia and abroad.

Diplomatic Economic Club
06.02.2015 (2889)

Norvik Banka financial solutions for business

Modern banking and business development solutions. Oliver Ronald Bramwell chairman of the Management Board of JSC Norvik Banka

Diplomatic Economic Club
22.01.2015 (5509)

Presentation of the International Forum at the Diplomatic Economic Club

The way for co-operation between European Union and the countries of the Central Asia in the field of the pure technologies - "Green Bridge Forum 2015"

Diplomatic Economic Club
15.01.2015 (2636)

Diplomatic Economic Club

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