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October 28, 1918 - creation of the Czechoslovak Republic

In the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Riga on October 27 held a reception on the occasion of the National Day of the Czech Republic

Diplomatic Economic Club
27.10.2014 (3061)

The start and the finish of the marathon in front of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Vitaly ButenkoOn the October 26th, between the picturesque vineyard slopes and satin of the Geneva Lake, found place the 22th Lausanne marathon in Lausanne, Switzerland

Diplomatic Economic Club
26.10.2014 (4868)

Reception of the Embassy of Hungary

Ambassador of Hungary to Latvia Adrien Muller
October 22, the Hungarian Embassy in Latvia hosted a reception on the occasion of the 58th Anniversary of the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight.

Diplomatic Economic Club
22.10.2014 (4871)

Energy efficiency and friendly environment

Club members visited an internationally covered exposition House. Apartment 2014and "Environment and Energy", finding place on October 16-19 at the International Exhibition Centre in Riga

Diplomatic Economic Club
16.10.2014 (2919)

Belgium, Wallonia. Bangladesh. Territories of development

Diplomatic Economic Club held a meeting with an expert in international investments Logistics in Wallonia Jean-Christophe Staelens and an Ambassador of Bangladesh, Dr.Saiful Hoque

Diplomatic Economic Club
09.10.2014 (3765)

Furniture and design

Members of the Diplomatic Club visited the "Baltic Furniture 2014" and the Riga International Exhibition Design "Design Isle 2014" expositions, which are taking place from October 2nd till 5th

Diplomatic Economic Club
02.10.2014 (4147)

Reception of the Embassy of PRC in Latvia

On September 30, in Riga, a solemn reception of the Embassy of PRC in Latvia in the honour of the 65th anniversary of formation of PRC took place. In China the holiday is celebrated on October 1st.

Diplomatic Economic Club
30.09.2014 (3158)

DEC celebrates 11th year

On the 20th of September, the DEC has visited Venden factory in Cesis and the spring in the National Park Gauja. The spring is the source fro Venden water.

Diplomatic Economic Club
20.09.2014 (4672)

Reception of the Embassy of Uzbekistan

On September 18th in Riga the Embassy of Uzbekistan held a reception to celebrate the countrys Independence Day.

Diplomatic Economic Club
18.09.2014 (4153)

Slovakian Embassy reception

On September 11 in Grand Palace hotel the ambassador of Slovakia in Latvia Peter Hatiar held a reception due to Constitution Day of Slovakia, that is celebrated on 1st September

Diplomatic Economic Club
11.09.2014 (4228)

Riga Food 2014 business contacts and gastronomic pleasure

The opening of international exhibition Riga Food 2014 and reception of Ukrainian Embassy in Latvia on the occasion of Independence day took place on the 4th of September.

Diplomatic Economic Club
04.09.2014 (3271)

First Golf Tournament

On August 29, Embassy of Kazakhstan in Latvia and Lithuania first time in Latvia held a Golf tournament of the Ambassador of Kazakhstan, dedicated to Day of Constitution of Kazakhstan

Diplomatic Economic Club
29.08.2014 (4424)

Diplomatic Economic Club

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