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Attractive accents in the opening of Riga

Members of Diplomatic Economic Club got acquainted with the development and services offered by the hotel Karavella in Riga

Diplomatic Economic Club
20.03.2014 (3363)

Shamrock, symbol of Ireland

Reception Irish Embassy in LatviaIrish Ambassador to Latvia Mr. Aidan Kirwan held a reception on the occasion of St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland

Diplomatic Economic Club
13.03.2014 (2989)

Pancake week Maslenitsa in Jurmala

The sanatorium "Amber Coast" in Jurmala, March 2 was popular holiday Pancake week Maslenitsa - winter ends, spring comes.

Diplomatic Economic Club
02.03.2014 (3015)

Latvias development of beneficial relations with other countries

 President of Latvia Andris BerzinshOn the February 27th, Members of Diplomatic Economic Club participated on the press-meeting of Magazine Career .The Honor guest was President Andris Berzins

Diplomatic Economic Club
28.01.2014 (3305)

International exhibitions educational and books

At the International Exhibition Centre in Riga hosts exhibitions about learning opportunities in Latvia and abroad, the international exhibition of books and of publishing houses

Diplomatic Economic Club
28.01.2014 (2999)

Estonian Embassy Reception

Mati Vaarmann Ambassador of EstoniaMati Vaarmann Ambassador of Estonia, February 24th greeted the guests at the reception on the occasion of the 96th Anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Estonia

Diplomatic Economic Club
24.01.2014 (3169)

Exibition Balttour 2014

Members of Diplomatic economic Club took part in the opening of the international tourism fairs "Balttour 2014."

Diplomatic Economic Club
07.01.2014 (5021)

Annual meeting of the Club

Annual meeting was held in the Club. Guest of the Club was former President Cornelis J. Groeneveld. He informed members about the life in Iran. The theme Iran was continued by Sergey Kanaev, who is Candidate of Historical Science, orientalist.

Diplomatic Economic Club
06.01.2014 (3180)

Robin of Sherwood

On the 2nd of February concert of popular Irish band Clannad was held in Riga. The style of Clannad music is a synthesis of Celtic folk, rock and jazz.

Diplomatic Economic Club
03.01.2014 (5351)

Anniversary congratulations

Awarding with the Honor Medal of the Club "For the international economical attitude contribution and cultural connections strengthening"

Diplomatic Economic Club
02.01.2014 (4875)

One image is worth thousand words

Several photos were made in the year 2013 on more than 35 meetings of the Diplomatic Club, during 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours

Diplomatic Economic Club
31.12.2013 (8786)

Congratulations to the Diplomatic Economic Club

The Diplomatic Economic Club was congratulated with Christmas and New Year 2014

Diplomatic Economic Club
29.12.2013 (3581)

Diplomatic Economic Club

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