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The reception of the Belorussian Embassy in Latvia

The Ambassador of Belarus in Latvia Aleksandr Gerasimenko held a reception on July,2 on the occasion of the National Day of the Republic of Belarus

Diplomatic Economic Club®
02.07.2013 (3336)

Lucky horseshoe

 Lucky horseshoeOn the 29.June the horse riding club „Lucky horseshoe” invited the Diplomatic Club to get acquainted with the developement of the horse riding sports in Latvia, with the sports facility and the work of Latvian Equestrian Federation.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
30.06.2013 (3365)

Club Championship Golf

Eve of the feast Ligo at the Diplomatic Club on June 22 held a competition for the game of golf at the golf club "Viesturi"

Diplomatic Economic Club®
22.06.2013 (2806)

Fish farming

Members of the Diplomatic club visited a fishing farm that breeds different species of fish and produces black caviare – company MOTTRA.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
20.06.2013 (3745)

The visit of the delegation UFI

General Director Viesturs Tile International Exhibition Centre and Exhibition Company BT 1, received a delegation of the Union of International Fairs UFI

Diplomatic Economic Club®
19.06.2013 (3443)

Goodbye, Cornelis

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Latvia Mr. Henk Gerrit Cornelis van den Dool held a reception to farewell of the Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy Cornelis J. Groeneveld

Diplomatic Economic Club®
13.06.2013 (6971)

Reception of the Embassy of Russia

June 12 at the residence of the Ambassador of Russia in Latvia, Jurmala, held a reception to celebrate the Day of Russia

Diplomatic Economic Club®
12.06.2013 (2885)

Farewell party for Club President Cornelis J. Groeneveld

June 7th President of the Diplomatic Economic Club held a farewell party for Club members and guests in connection the appointment of a new job

Diplomatic Economic Club®
07.06.2013 (3412)

Day of the proclamation Republic of Italy

Ambassador of Italy to Latvia Giovanni Polizzi June 4 held a in Riga reception on the occasion of the National Day of Italy.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
04.06.2013 (3962)

Friendship Avenue

On the May 31 in the place near Riga Rukishi members of the Diplomatic Club took part in the annual event Planting Lilac bushes in the Friendship Avenue

Diplomatic Economic Club®
31.05.2013 (2983)

Cooperation Hungary and Latvia

May 30 Ambassador of Hungary to Latvia Mr. Gabor Dobokay made a presentation and meeting with entrepreneurs about the prospects of the development of mutually advantageous economic relations

Diplomatic Economic Club®
30.05.2013 (4564)

Sanatorium Amber Shore celebrates 40 years of activity

May 18 sanatorium "Amber Shore" in Jurmala celebrated the 40th anniversary of its activities. Amber Shore sanatorium opened May 3, 1973.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
19.05.2013 (3299)

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