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On the 17th of March, DEC members celebrated Maslenitsa - the seeing off winter and the meeting of summer - in sanatorium ”Amber Coast” in Jurmala.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
17.03.2013 (3769)

1st International Economic Forum

On the 28th February at the Diplomatic Economic Club meeting there was presented a concept of the 1st International Economic Forum organization in Riga.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
28.01.2013 (4229)

Day of Norway in Diplomatic Economic Club

On the 21st of February, the special event dedicated to Norway took place in Diplomatic Economic Club. The event was led by the Deputy of Head of Royal Norwegian Embassy Ragnar Haug.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
21.01.2013 (4374)

Meeting in the Embassy of Belarus

On the 7th February the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Latvia held a meeting with the businessmen, who are co-operating with the Belorussian companies in different sectors of the economy.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
20.01.2013 (3105)


Appointed as Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Lithuania and Latvia, Mr. Olzhas Toguzbaev. In the period 2006 -2008 years he worked as an Counsellor of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Riga

Diplomatic Economic Club®
15.01.2013 (3716)

Meeting at the Club

Members of the Diplomatic Economic Club met on 10th January and discussed the meetings plans for 2013.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
10.01.2013 (3448)

Balttour Tourism Fair 2013

On the 8-10th February in the Kipsala exhibition centre the 20th Tourism Fair “Balttour 2013” took place. This fair traditionally opens a new tourism season, and offers the best price options and the most interesting tourism products.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
08.01.2013 (3408)

The first international forum

On the 6th of February the DEC members attended the opening of the first Russian-Baltic international culturally tourist forum, which took place in Riga.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
06.01.2013 (4941)

The meeting of DEC members in Vilnius

On February 1st a meeting of DEC members took place in Vilnius. They attended an international tourism exposition.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
01.01.2013 (3235)

Santa Claus Diplomatic Economic Club

In the the New Year Holidays Santa Claus of Club is traveling to Riga, wishes Happy New Year and wishes of prosperity, good health and prosperity to all

Diplomatic Economic Club®
29.12.2012 (4035)

Congratulations on Christmas and New Year 2013

Diplomatic Economic Club received congratulations and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Diplomatic Economic Club®
25.12.2012 (5666)

Appointments: new Counsellor of the Hungarian Embassy in Tripoli

Janos RekasiJanos Rekasi, Counsellor Ministry of Economy of Hungary, in 2010-2011 President of the Diplomatic Economic Club, is now set to work in Tripoli Libya, as an Counsellor to the Hungarian Embassy

Diplomatic Economic Club®
23.12.2012 (3919)

Diplomatic Economic Club®

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