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Friendship Avenue in Kolotilovka

Friendship Avenue in KolotilovkaOn the 1st June in the place near Riga called Rukishi members of the Diplomatic Club took part in the annual event „Planting Lilac bushes in the Friendship Avenue“. This year it was planted 9 new Lilacs.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
01.01.2012 (7599)

New Year evening in the Club

New Year evening in the ClubOn December 22 Christmas and New Year evening was held.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
22.12.2011 (3851)

Kapustnica — traditional Christmas soup in Slovakia

Kapustnica  is a traditional Christmas soup in SlovakiaOn the 20th December an annual traditional friendly meeting on the occasion of upcoming Christmas and New Year 2012 celebration took place in the Embassy of Slovakia in Latvia.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
20.12.2011 (4325)

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012 Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2012!In the address of the Club received the congratulations and wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2012

Diplomatic Economic Club®
20.12.2011 (6781)

Modern economic aspects

Dzintars factoryOn the 8th of December the discussion about the modern economic development took a place in the Club. The discussion was organized with participation of  O. Pavuk, V. Roldugin

Diplomatic Economic Club®
08.12.2011 (5931)

Company Dzintars

 Company DzintarsCompany Dzintars — oldest Latvian factory, which produces perfumes and bio cosmetics. The visitors had a chance to see how the process of production is organised, and after had a round table discussion, where was talked about Dzintars company development and general situation in Latvian economy.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
06.12.2011 (5951)

The reception of the Embassy of Kazakhstan

The reception of the Embassy of KazakhstanThe Ambassador of the Embassy of Kazakhstan held a reception dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence of Kazakhstan.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
02.12.2011 (4478)

Guest in the Club – Ambassador of the Republic of Poland

Guest in the Club – Ambassador of Poland H.E. Mr. Jerzy Marek Nowakowski On the 24th November Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Latvia visited the Diplomatic Economic Club.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
24.11.2011 (5284)

Businessmen from Flanders region, Belgium in Latvia

Businessmen from the Flanders region in RigaOn the 22nd of November with the participation of Flanders Investment & Trade, the visit of the group of businessmen was held to acquaint with Latvia and to expand economic connections between Latvia and Belgium.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
22.11.2011 (5726)

The Club Members visited the Factory „Pure Chocolate“

The Club members visited the factory Pure ChocolateOn November 4, the Club members visited the Pure Chocolate and got to know its product on the director’s invitation.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
04.11.2011 (7093)

The Reception of the Embassy of Turkey

The reception of the embassy of TurkeyThe reception of the Turkish embassy dedicated to the 88th anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic took place at the Riga Latvian Society House on October 31.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
31.10.2011 (6063)

Czech Embassy reception

Czech Embassy receptionOn October 28 in Riga Small Guild Hall the Czech Embassy reception was held on the occasion of the Independent Czechoslovak State Day.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
28.10.2011 (5415)

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