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The Birthday of the Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Birthday of the Queen of the Kingdom of the NetherlandsOn the 28th of April in the Blackheads House in Riga the Ambassador of the Netherlands in the Republic of Latvia Mr. Jurriaan Kraak and his wife held a reception on the occasion of the national holiday or Queens Day which is celebrated on the 30th of April and is believed to be the main holiday in the Netherlands.

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28.04.2011 (5043)

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Lithuania is appointed

Mr. Zhovtenko, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine in LithuaniaOn April 8, 2011, the President of Ukraine, V. Yanukovich, nominated Valeriy Zhovtenko as Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Lithuania. Before, Mr. Zhovtenko worked as a deputy of a Head of Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine.

Diplomatic Economic Club
22.04.2011 (5245)

Club Members visited the gas storage facility of Latvijas gaze in Inchukalns

Club Members visited the gas storage of Latvijas gaze in InchukalnsOn April 19th the DEC Members visited the underground gas storage facility of Latvijas gaze in Inchukalns. They were introduced to the process of gas storaging underground in natural conditions.

Diplomatic Economic Club
19.04.2011 (6348)

Faster, higher, stronger!

The annual Bowling Tournament among the Club members took place on the 14th April 2011. The spirit of competition is strengthening friendship and mutual understanding

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14.04.2011 (5481)

Condolences to the people of Belarus

We express our sincere condolences to the people of Belarus in connection with the tragic event in Minsk, which happened on April 11, 2011 and led to casualties and a large number of victims.
We grieve together with all progressive people who are not indifferent to this tragic news.

Diplomatic Economic Club
13.04.2011 (4669)

The Guest in the Club, H.E. Mr. Aleksandr Gerasimenko, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus

On Thursday, 31st March the Club held a traditional meeting of the Club members called Evening tea in the club - honorary guest Mr. Aleksandr Gerasimenko, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of Latvia

Diplomatic Economic Club
07.04.2011 (9761)

New BT1 projects engage attention

On 17 March Counsellor at Hungarian Embassy of Economic Affairs in Latvia and Estonia Janos Rekasi visited Kipsala international exhibition hall in order to learn about the on-coming Business Contact Forum Invest Expo 2011 and China Business Days 2011 which take place 6-8 May.

Diplomatic Economic Club
29.03.2011 (6172)

Invest Expo 2011 and China Business Days 2011

The first international business contact forum aimed to promote cooperation between the Peoples Republic of China, Latvia, European Union and Eastern Europe business tradeshows Invest Expo 2011 and China Business Days 2011 is organised 6-8 May by the International Exhibition Company BT 1

Diplomatic Economic Club
10.03.2011 (5576)

We want the modernization of Russia to be a European-wide project Alexander Veshnyakov

The Ambassador of Russian Federation A. Veshnyakov on a Cclub visitA new tradition has been accepted in the Diplomatic economic club (DEC). The tradition is to invite the ambassadors of different countries that are at good terms with Latvia to their meetings. On the 3rd of March the guest of the Clubs meeting in the Unimarine business-centre chief cabin was a sailor by heritage and now the Ambassador of Russian Federation to Latvia Alexander Veshnyakov.

Diplomatic Economic Club
10.03.2011 (6958)

A plastic arts exhibition entitled ISTANBUL IMPRESSIONS

ISTANBUL IMPRESSIONSThe Turkish Embassy is organizing an exhibition entitled Impressions of Istanbul at the Blackheads House in Riga from 8th April to 13th May 2011 with the participation of 42 Turkish contemporary artists. The exhibition features Istanbul through various perspectives and impressions of the artists, and reveals the citys character with highlights of its current daily life as well as its history.

Diplomatic Economic Club
09.03.2011 (7579)

International Women's Day

Congratulations on International Women's Day!

Diplomatic Economic Club
08.03.2011 (4593)


The Baltic Amber Cup 2011On Feb 19-20 the 3rd Baltic Masters Open Swimming Championship (Baltic Amber Cup 2011) took place in Riga. The contestants age 25 or above. 170 swimmers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia took part in the championship.

Diplomatic Economic Club
23.02.2011 (6735)

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