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Diplomatic Economic Club®

Oriental Express Dubai – Riga

East express Dubai — RigaThe presentation of the upcoming festivals and other events in Dubai, as well as the presentation of the Royal Park tour agency, was held in the Club on February 10th.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
10.02.2011 (6841)

Farewell meeting. Pavel Bredikhin

On January 27th in Gallery Park Hotel Pavel Bredihin held a meeting of the Club due to the end of his business trip as Second Secretary of the Embassy of Russia in Latvia.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
27.01.2011 (5852)

Novikontas Maritime Training College

Novikontas Maritime Training CollegeOn the 10th November Maritime Training College Novikontas celebrated it’s 5 years anniversary, which was marked with the other notable event – completion of modernisation works of the seafarers’ training equipment.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
10.01.2011 (6290)

Diplomatic Economic Club®

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