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Since 1997


Olivier Dal Zuffo


Club Member
04.01.2020 (1227)

Hugo Brauwers

Ambassador Hugo Brauwers Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Kingdom of Sweden and the Republic of Latvia

Club Member
22.11.2019 (3635)

Jean-Philippe Schklar

Jean-Philippe SchklarEconomic and commercial Counselor to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia for Wallonia, Economic section of the Belgian embassy in Latvia

Club Member
06.07.2017 (30028)

Martine Leclerq

Martine  LeclerqEconomic and Commercial Counselor for the Walloon Region in France, Paris

Club Member
10.02.2017 (38151)

Thomas Castrel

Thomas CastrelGeneral Representative of Flanders, Belgium in Poland and Baltic States. Flemish government, department chancellery and foreign affairs
2017 — 2020 President of Diplomatic Economic Club

Club Member
28.01.2016 (28852)

Andre Villers

Economic and Commercial Attaché for the Walloon Region in Brasila, Sao Paulo, Ambassade de Belgique

Club Member
27.03.2008 (26240)

Biava Frederic

Frederic BiavaEconomic and Commercial Counselor (Embassy of Belgium) for Great Duchy of Luxembourg

Club Member
21.06.2006 (21856)

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