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Since 1997


Aleksei Matyukhevich

Aleksei Matyukhevich2018-2020
Deputy Head of mission Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Latvia

Club Member
12.01.2019 (11688)

Dmitry Glebov

Dmitry Glebov2017-2020 First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Latvia
2018 -2020 Vice President of Club

Club Member
06.10.2017 (34896)

Kozlovsky Vladimir

Vladimir Kozlovsky 2014 — 2017 Counselor, Embassy of Belarus in Latvia

Club Member
01.03.2012 (16075)

Sushkevich Aleksandr

Sushkevich Aleksandr2014 — 2017
First secretary, Embassy of the Belarus in Latvia

Club Member
22.06.2010 (22334)

Nazaruk Igor

Nazaruk IgorAmbassador of Belarus in Armenia
2007-2010 — Counselor, Embassy of Belarus of Economic Affair in Latvia.

Club Member
22.06.2010 (14169)

Yarmolinsky Jury

Jury Yarmolinsky2004-2008 -First Secretary, Belarusian Embassy in Latvia, trading — economic service

Club Member
21.06.2010 (23563)

Tkachuk Pavel

Tkachuk PavelDevelopment Director, Bitis Agro

Club Member
21.06.2010 (12182)

Skvortsova Vera

Vera  Skvortsova2003 — 2008 Counselor Embassy of Belarus
2005-2007 Vice-president of Diplomatic Economic Club

21.06.2010 (13508)

Smirnov Aleksei

Smirnov AlekseiCounselor Embassy of Belarus in Hungary

Club Member
21.04.2007 (23665)

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