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    Using human potential: Commissions „social investment“ initiative
    The Councils recommendations coped with the member states intentions to follow the decisions of the policy guidance in the European Social Investment Package. There are some clear ways forward along the lines of investment, innovation and involvement. Active participation, constructive suggestions and enthusiasm to work together represent a collective desire to implement the policy proposals in the Social Investment Package.
    07.05.2013 (4984)

    A fate of the ballistic anti-missile defense in Central Europe: a view from Slovakia
    Up to 2009, the European NATO allies (especially some „old“ ones) obviously seemed to believe that first, the U.S. need Europe more than vice versa, second that the U.S. needs an mediator between Moscow and Washington and third, that Europe can pragmatically oscillate between loyalties to its North American ally and its interests in the Middle East.
    27.04.2013 (4806)

    Enforcement of competition rules in the EU and the world
    Addressing the 12th annual conference of the International Competition Network, ICN (Warsaw, 24 April 2013), Joaquín Almunia, Commission Vice-President responsible for Competition underlined evolutionary pressure of globalisation on competition.
    26.04.2013 (4475)

    Commission warns about macroeconomic imbalances in 13 member states
    The Commission published the findings of the in-depth reviews carried out into 13 member states identified in last Novembers Alert Mechanism Report as showing signs of macroeconomic imbalances.
    22.04.2013 (4536)

    GLOBSEC international conference in Bratislava
    Bratislava, 18th April, 2013. As of today, April 18, 2013, has the 8th GLOBSEC international conference at the venue of Hotel Kempinski in Bratislava, Slovakia. GLOBSEC today, as one of five most relevant forums on foreign policy and security issues in Central Europe and worldwide, drives the attention of dedicated public towards Slovakia.
    22.04.2013 (4957)

    Commissions EU Cohesion Policy: helping SMEs produce growth
    Commission published EU Cohesion Policy which shows how the EU funds are assisting the member states and SMEs to weather the crisis and produce growth. The Commission 2013 Strategic Report is an overview of the EU Structural Funds performance in the 27 member states. For example, about 53 thousand R&D projects and 16,000 business-research projects received investment from these funds.
    22.04.2013 (4135)

    Differences in labour costs among the EU states are great
    Labour costs among the EU-27 ranged from about  4 to almost  40. Among the lowest are Bulgaria, Romania and two Baltic States (Latvia and Lithuania). The highest levels of salaries are in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, etc.
    18.04.2013 (3769)

    Europes perspective: intellectual view
    The article under the title „Believe in Europe or die“ appeared recently in numerous European states (France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, etc.). It was written by a French philosopher and intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy in cooperation with other public figures, such as Salman Rushdie, Umberto Eco, Gabi Gleichmann and several others
    18.04.2013 (3743)

    EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: essential cooperation
    At a conference of the Heads of Government of the Baltic Sea States on Environmental Protection in Saint Petersburg Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for Regional Policy underlined positive steps taken by the adjacent member states to safe and protect marine environment.
    18.04.2013 (3964)

    The Baltic Sea shall be clean before 2020
    The leaders of 11 states that surround the Baltic Sea have been unanimous about the main idea: the Baltic Sea shall be clean before 2020. The marine environment of the fragile Baltic Sea is important to the well-being to millions of people.
    18.04.2013 (3661)

    New ranking scheme for the European universities
    The new European universities listing (U-Multirank) differs from existing rankings by assessing the universities according to a broader range of performance factors, aimed at providing a more realistic and user-friendly guide to offered education and training.
    03.01.2013 (4596)

    Re-industrialisation of the European economy and resource-efficient growth
    European Resource Efficiency Platform is created in the EU, consisting of the Commission members, member states ministers for environment, MEPs, leading energy resources figures (33persons in total).
    02.01.2013 (3992)

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