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    2013  The European Year of Citizens
    The EU wants to keep delivering on citizens’ rights  therefore the Commission has dedicated a full year to the EU-citizens relationship. 2013 has been officially named «The European Year of Citizens».
    03.12.2012 (3837)

    Good news for Moldova: additional support from EU
    At the EU-Moldova Forum which was organised by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (Berlin, 22 October 2012), Stefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood delivered his opinion about the Republic of Moldovas development and the European Union-Moldova relationship.
    30.10.2012 (4146)

    State-of-the Union: Barroso suggested „a federation of nation states“
    The Commissions President delivered the State of the Union address to the Parliaments plenary session for the third time. In analyzing the present EUs situation he underlined the ways out of financial, economic, political and social aspects of the European crisis.
    24.09.2012 (4259)

    Whos afraid of European federation?
    Commission Presidents call for a „federation of nations“ has aroused a new wave of reflections concerning European future. Politicians in the Baltic States are facing a tough time accommodating closer ties with the new „Unions powers“.
    24.09.2012 (3945)

    Shaping EU policy on European Company law
    The European Commission has launched an in-depth consultation on the future of European company law. Europe needs a company law framework that is adapted to the needs of the society of today and to the evolution of the economic environment. EU company law has played a central part in building the single market. It is now time to see whether today’s needs are still met by the existing legal framework. An on-line public consultation is to collect comments from all stakeholders; the deadline for contributions is 14 May 2012.
    22.02.2012 (4576)

    Belarus in international ratings and domestic statistics in 2011
    "The most difficult stage in the life of Belarus has been already overcome, and the economy of our country begins a new movement forward,"  said in his speech at the traditional meeting with journalists Ambassador of Belarus to Latvia Alexander Gerasimenko. In 2011 Belarus’ GDP amounted to 105.3% over the same period last year.
    14.02.2012 (4370)

    Additional means to stimulate growth and employment
    New European Commissions action plan for doubling the volume of e-commerce in the EU by 2015 is aimed at stimulating growth and employment. The Commission said that if 15 % of retail sales were e-commerce and the obstacles to the internal market were removed, the gains for consumers might total ? 204 billion, or 1,7% of EU GDP. The Baltic States cannot miss the opportunities envisaged in the plan.
    14.02.2012 (4473)

    The europact: outcomes for the Baltic States
    It was hardly any doubt that the agreement, called „financial compact“, would be accepted by the EU member states majority at the summit during last January days in 2012. A slight surprise was the Czechs government decision to join the UK in opposing the drastic financial measures for the member states. There are however some lessons to learn for the Baltic States.
    14.02.2012 (4463)

    Analysis of Moodys decision
    As Moodys verdict is perfectly unfounded, the Hungarian government cannot but interpret it as part of the financial offensive against Hungary.
    It is unfounded, as in the past one-and-a-half years there has been a markedly favourable change in most sectors of the Hungarian economy in spite of all external turbulences.
    28.11.2011 (4580)

    Turkeys economy began to be viewed by many as a rising star
    Turkish Minister for European Affairs, Mr. Egemen Bağış during his visit to the Baltic States answered  questions. «Turkish economy has been Europes fastest growing economy in the last decade and in terms of gross domestic product. Turkey has become the worlds 16th largest economy as of 2010. The OECD estimates that if Turkey sustains this economic performance in the next decades, it will be one of the ten largest economies in the world and will be the second-largest economy in Europe by 2050», said the minister.
    11.11.2011 (4752)

    Commission ensures proper implementation of the European legislation
    The EU legislation clearly states that the Union laws both primary and secondary- must be respected and implemented. The Commission makes monthly analysis of the member states state-of-art concerning implementation of the EU directives, mainly in line with their transpositions deadline. Recent Commission analysis follows below with examples of formal complaints to the Court of Justice.
    01.11.2011 (4716)

    Priorities for Baltic States transport cooperation
    EU Eastern Direction is exploring new opportunities and possibilities in transport. This issue has been the target of the recent Commissions efforts to streamline the regions transport policy. Efforts in transport cooperation with several Eastern European countries can provide an excellent opportunity for the Baltic States to take part. Now it is the question of political will and actions.
    01.11.2011 (4750)

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