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    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    Long years
    16th October in the Orthodox Church of Jelgava town came guests to congratulate Father Superior Feofana with his birthday.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    17.10.2012 (3790)

    Visit to furniture manufacture
    Visit to furniture manufactureOn October,12 the members of Diplomatic Economic Club have visited the furniture manufacture Pinus GB
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    15.10.2012 (5814)

    Day of Hungary in DEC
    On the treshhold of the national holiday in Hungary, on the 11th of October a themed event dedicated to hot springs in Hungary and lake Heviz took place in the Club.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    11.10.2012 (4704)

    Exhibition „Baltic Furniture 2012“
    On the 4th of October, members of the Diplomatic Economic Club attended the international exhibitions Baltic Furniture 2012 and Woodworking 2012
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    05.10.2012 (5252)

    Reception Embassy of the PRC
    On 25th September 2012 in the „Radisson Blue Daugava“ hotel took place a solemn reception on the occasion of a state holiday, the 63rd anniversary of foundation of the PRC
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    25.09.2012 (4273)

    Jurmala airport
    15 of September 2012 members of Club and guests visited a company „Jurmala airport“, which is in Tukums area.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    25.09.2012 (15590)

    Zaharciuc Igor: A new place of work
    Zaharciuc Igor, the first secretary of Moldovas Embassy in Latvia gets a new place of work
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    23.09.2012 (5772)

    Meeting in the Riga Business Club
    On 13th September there was held a meeting of the President of Bank of Latvia with members of the Riga Business Club.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    14.09.2012 (4643)

    Reception of the Embassy of Ukraine
    Reception of the Embassy of UkraineIn Riga, the Small Guild Hall, September 12th the reception of the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia was held on the occasion of Independence Day of Ukraine
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    12.09.2012 (4289)

    Education is in New Zealand
    September 6th in Diplomatic Club was a meeting with an owner and director of private college in New Zealand with Mr. Bruce Tong and representative of New Knowledge NZ with Tina Buchanan.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    08.09.2012 (5393)

    New assignments from Riga
    New assignment-Gregory PomerantsevThe concept of time and space are condesed. Gregory Pomerantsev placed himself at the head of the sixth airport by traffic volume in Russia Tolmachevo.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    07.09.2012 (4249)

    International Exhibition „Riga Food 2012“
    Riga Food 2012On 5th September Members of the Diplomatic Club attended the Exhibition Riga Food 2012, where they were familiarized with the offered expositions of the food industry.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    06.09.2012 (5168)

    Diplomatic Economic Club®

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    Diplomatic Economic Club – is a unique association where people from different countries are to find a common language and contribute to the development of contacts between businessmen of the countries they represent.
    1997 — the beginning of the formation of the idea of creating a club, the establishment of internal interactions in the club on the basis of international exhibitions in Riga, periodic meetings.


    She phrase „Economic Diplomacy“ assumes the diplomatic official activities that are focused on increasing exports, attracting foreign investment and participating in work of the international economic organisations