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    A plastic arts exhibition entitled „ISTANBUL IMPRESSIONS“
    ISTANBUL IMPRESSIONSThe Turkish Embassy is organizing an exhibition entitled „Impressions of Istanbul“ at the Blackheads House in Riga from 8th April to 13th May 2011 with the participation of 42 Turkish contemporary artists. The exhibition features Istanbul through various perspectives and impressions of the artists, and reveals the city’s character with highlights of its current daily life as well as its history.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    09.03.2011 (7966)

    International Women’s Day
    Congratulations on International Women’s Day!
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    08.03.2011 (4861)

    The Baltic Amber Cup 2011On Feb 19-20 the 3rd Baltic Masters Open Swimming Championship (Baltic Amber Cup 2011) took place in Riga. The contestants’ age – 25 or above. 170 swimmers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia took part in the championship.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    23.02.2011 (7101)

    Oriental Express Dubai – Riga
    East express Dubai — RigaThe presentation of the upcoming festivals and other events in Dubai, as well as the presentation of the Royal Park tour agency, was held in the Club on February 10th.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    10.02.2011 (7089)

    Farewell meeting. Pavel Bredikhin
    On January 27th in Gallery Park Hotel Pavel Bredihin held a meeting of the Club due to the end of his business trip as Second Secretary of the Embassy of Russia in Latvia.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    27.01.2011 (6175)

    Novikontas Maritime Training College
    Novikontas Maritime Training CollegeOn the 10th November Maritime Training College Novikontas celebrated it’s 5 years anniversary, which was marked with the other notable event – completion of modernisation works of the seafarers’ training equipment.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    10.01.2011 (6662)

    Diplomatic Economic Club®

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    Diplomatic Economic Club – is a unique association where people from different countries are to find a common language and contribute to the development of contacts between businessmen of the countries they represent.
    1997 — the beginning of the formation of the idea of creating a club, the establishment of internal interactions in the club on the basis of international exhibitions in Riga, periodic meetings.


    She phrase „Economic Diplomacy“ assumes the diplomatic official activities that are focused on increasing exports, attracting foreign investment and participating in work of the international economic organisations