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Since 1997

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At the crossroads of civilizations

Meeting with the Ambassador of UzbekistanAt the webinar held on October 23 at the Diplomatic Economic Club, the guest of the club was Kadambay Sultanov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Latvia and Finland.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
23.10.2020 (38)

Design objects and furniture

Furniture & Design Isle RigaOn October 23, the Club members got acquainted with the proposals of the participants of the furniture and design exhibition Furniture & Design Isle 2020 , which is taking place at the International Exhibition Center in Riga.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
23.10.2020 (24)

Technology for business

Riga Comm 2020Club members got acquainted with the proposals of the participants of business technology exhibition RIGA COMM 2020, which takes place on October 15 and 16 at the International Exhibition Center in Riga.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
15.10.2020 (51)

For Warm and Comfort

ComfortHome 2020 RigaOn October 2-4 at Exhibition Comfort Home 2020 Members of the Diplomatic Economic Club were introduced to the latest solutions for heating, energy-saving, and other important topics.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
02.10.2020 (21)

To shift the focus

Webinar on the nature and reasons of the human’s reaction to the stressOne of the online meetings-webinar of the Diplomatic Economic Club covered the nature and reasons of the human’s reaction to the stress.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
18.09.2020 (31)

Healthcare in the Baltics - Medbaltica 2020

Medbaltica 2020Club members visited the medical exhibition Medbaltica 2020 , which takes place on 17-18.09 at the International Exhibition Center in Riga

Diplomatic Economic Club®
17.09.2020 (68)

Personal Brand in XXI Century

Ms. Julianna Pliskina Webinar on Riga Food exhibitionThe webinar was organised on September 11, with the participation of Diplomatic Economic Club Members, as the event of International Riga Food exhibition 2020

Diplomatic Economic Club®
11.09.2020 (42)

Contracts and Contacts

Exhibition Riga Food 2020The Food industry exhibition Riga Food 2020 is organised in International Exhibition Center in Riga from September 9 until September 12. Members of the Diplomatic Economic Club participated in the opening ceremony and visiting exposition

Diplomatic Economic Club®
09.09.2020 (55)

Picturesque places in Latvia

Picturesque places in LatviaClub Members had a chance to visit wonderful places in Latvia – Cinevilla Movie Town, Ungurmuiza Manor, Lavender fields, Zilaiskalns, and others.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
19.07.2020 (137)

Open-air golf

GolfOn a nice summer day on July 11, Diplomatic Economic club organised a traditional golf championship in the “Viesturi” golf club.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
11.07.2020 (156)

Construction and time: March and June 2020

The International Exhibition Center and BT 1 company opened the doors for the MAJA I (HOUSE) 2020 exhibition, which began in March and continues to display on June 12-14.
Club members visited the exhibition.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
12.06.2020 (254)

Summer Fair in Riga

Garden and Lifestyle 2020On May 29 - 31, in the open area of the International Exhibition Center in Riga, the Garden and Lifestyle Fair is being held.
Club members individually visited the Fair

Diplomatic Economic Club®
29.05.2020 (253)

Positive thinking and Opportunities

Video-conference of our Club on May 20, 2020Diplomatic Economic Club has organised a Webinar on May 20 on the topic of the Situation in the Tourism industry, where participated Members of the Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives

Diplomatic Economic Club®
20.05.2020 (206)

Economics Webinar

Video-conference of our Club on May 14, 2020Diplomatic Economic Club has organised a Webinar on May 14. Mr. Aleksandr Izgorodin (Chief Economist at SME Finance) has shared his thoughts on the Current Economic Situation in the Baltic States.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
14.05.2020 (183)

Meetings of our club on the video-conferences

Meetings of our club on the video-conferencesDue to the limitations of nowadays, we have changed the way of organising the meetings of Diplomatic economic club members. On May 06 we have organised first online video-meeting

Diplomatic Economic Club®
07.05.2020 (225)

A breath of air to search for a contact

Exhibition in RigaTrade exhibitions as a marketing tool for enterprises that focus on the domestic market and on foreign markets in the modern context of 2020.

Diplomatic Economic Club®
20.04.2020 (439)

Happy Easter

ElenaAccording to Christian tradition Easter is a major celebration marking the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Diplomatic Economic Club®
12.04.2020 (307)

Unusual tea evening at the Club

PavolTraditionally, the club hosts tea evenings, and these days it takes place as a welcome evening through the Club website. Tea Evening Photos Received:
Riga, Vilnius, Minsk, Budapest, Warsaw, Chisinau, Geneva, Banska Bystrica, Yerevan, Pskov, Moscow, Kiev, Brussels, Beregovo, Copenhagen, Stavropol ...

Diplomatic Economic Club®
02.04.2020 (307)

The COVID-19 crisis

What measures are planned by the different Baltic governments to support their economies?

Diplomatic Economic Club®
17.03.2020 (458)

Information about international exhibitions in Riga

Considering the global situation related to the coronavirus COVID-19 confirmed as pandemic and the state of emergency declared in the Republic of Latvia on 12 March 2020, there will be no trade fairs held at Riga International Exhibition Centre from 13 March to 14 April. All fairs scheduled for this period will be postponed. All BT 1’s trade fairs planned for the autumn 2020 will take place as scheduled

Diplomatic Economic Club®
16.03.2020 (339)

Switzerland - Latvia. Development vector

Swiss Ambassador K. Oblensky at the Diplomatic Economic Club on March 5, 2020On March 5, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Latvia K. Obolensky at a meeting at the Diplomatic Economic Club spoke about promising areas of economic development and relations between countries

Diplomatic Economic Club®
05.03.2020 (340)

Diplomatic Economic Club®

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