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Modern Bank Development. Baltic International Bank 02.12.2010 (36783)

Private bankers Intars Veberis and Maksim KeidanOn December 2, 2010 following initiative of the Club and chairwoman of Baltic International Bank Ms. Ilona Gulchak there was the Bank and Club meeting. This is already the second meeting between Bank and DEC, in 2008 Club members visited Bank and were positively impressed by its activities.
Representatives of the Bank gave a talk followed by discussion about current tendencies in the banking sector in Latvia.
Meeting with Baltic International Bank at the ClubPrivate bankers Intars Veberis and Maksim Keidan in details presented Bank's activities and development directions, introduced their view to the banking sector, offers at the market, credit potentials and other interesting features.
DEC members actively participated in the discussion of practical questions about relations between banks and entrepreneurs now and in near future.
Meeting with Baltic International Bank at the Club Participants: Nikolai Ermolaev, James Samuel, Valery Rolgudin, Jean-Francois Dathi, Aleksandr Gaponenko, Maria Krumina, Nikolai Kolotilo, Oleg Butenko, Svatoslav Ladigin, Oleg Turkov, Andrei Volkov, Inguna Andzane, Jean-Luc Harmant, Vladimir Lavo, Aleksandr Sushkevich, Edgar Ozolins.

Participants of the meeting would like to express their gratitude to Ms. Ilona Gulchak and private bankers for interesting discussions.
Participants of the meeting suggested to have such meetings on a regular basis.

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