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World Masters Games 2013 Torino  

 The silver medalist in canoening became the Club memmber Jakócs György

The World Masters Games 2013 took place in Turino, in the time span from 2nd till 11th August, 2013.The World Masters Games are the most serious sports competition for the athletes over 35 years and they are being held once in 4 years, similarly as Olimpic games

The silver medalist in canoening became the Club member Jakócs György.

This outstanding sporting event attracts thousands of athletes from around the globe. The number of participants is four times bigger than in summer Olympic games. This event is by far most visited.

Medal of the World Masters Games 2013 Torino

This competition is not between the countries but between the sport-lovers. The first time the games were introduced in Toronto in 1985. After that Copenhagen, Brisben, Portland, Melbourn, Edmonton and Sydney held the games. More than 50 thousand people took part in this event in Torino.


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