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X Infotech Software Solutions 24.05.2018 (371)

 X-Infotech at the Diplomatic Economic Club

At the Diplomatic Club on May 24, an introduction and presentation of X Infotech Company - a global provider of software solutions for the issuance and verification of digital identification documents and smart cards

Presentation for the members of the club was presented:
Sergey Yeliseev, co-founder and member of the company's board, development director and Elena Razdorova, X Infotech company manager

The developed technologies of the company contribute to economic development at the state level, help to raise the level of national security and border control, contribute to the development of social and financial environment in countries around the world.

The software product X Infotech allows you to collect, process and verify personal data of citizens and customers, including biometric data, as efficiently as possible.

The company employs over 100 professionals, offices and offices are open in Africa and Europe
The company's products are known and used already in 45 countries of the world and just before the meeting the Club signed an agreement on the supply of software for manufacturing biometric documents in Belarus.

More information about the company is available on the website X Infotech

Honorary diploma of the club company X Infotech

Sergey Yeliseev and Elena Razdorova answered the questions of the meeting participants

Vice-president of the Club Alexandra Csizmadia thanked the head of the company, presented the Honorary Diploma of the club and wished success in the future development of the enterprise.

 X-Infotech at the Diplomatic Economic Club  X-Infotech at the Diplomatic Economic Club X-Infotech in the Diplomatic Economic Club Sergey Eliseev and Elena Razdorova

News X Infotech Software Solutions

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