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Health and Prevention  

The Medbaltica 2019 exhibition was held on September 19 and 20 at the International Exhibition Center in Riga.The exhibition presents expositions of 130 enterprises from Latvia and other countries.Club members took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition and got acquainted with the proposals of the participants.

Medbaltica 2019

On Medbaltica 2019 exhibition includes dental, surgical, rehabilitative, ophthalmic, pharmaceutical and other medical technologies, equipment, materials and services.
Club members got acquainted with the presented ozone sauna from “Ozone Solutions”, with the operation of the device for pulse diagnostics, modern equipment for the rehabilitation of “Beka Baltic”, etc.

Medbaltica 2019

Simultaneously with the exhibition "Medbaltica 2019" passed the professional conferences and seminars to discuss topical issues of medical health professionals.

Medbaltica 2019 Medbaltica 2019

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