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On July 10, 2014 the Riga Business club arranged flower laying on Lucavsala Island in Riga at the monument to 400 Russian soldiers, who fallen down in 1701 during the Northern War (1700- 1721).

Laying ceremony was opened by Vladimir Solomatin the Speaker of the Council of Riga Business Club

Flowers laying at the memorial on Lucavsala Island

Tragic event in local history happened at the beginning of Northern War, when Swedes after winning the Saxons decided to get rid of Russians, who was on Lucavsala Island without any help. Strength Swedish army hoped to win quickly, but it turned out otherwise. There was such a bustle, that when king Charles XII arrived, he saw a lot of his soldiers dead and 20 Russian soldiers firing back in redoubt.King was admired by the boldness of Russian soldiers and commanded to take them prisoners. Killed soldiers made the first common grave in Riga.

Flowers laying at the memorial on Lucavsala Island

Long time there were ruins of windmill with a plate about the coommon grave on that place. Memorial was built on Liflandĺs governor-general Zynovjev initiative. 6 metres high monument from Finnish granite reminds the Orthodox Church. There is Peter the Great monogram from one side and Alexander the III monogram from the other side.Inscription on a monument:
źOn July 10, 1891, the monument was built on Liflandĺs governor general Zinovjev donations. In 400 russian soldiers fallen in July 10th, 1701 memory╗.

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