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Exhibition company BT 1 21.06.2010 (36867)

The International Exhibitions company BT 1. The International Exhibition center.
LV-1048, Riga, Latvia street Kipsalas 8,
Ph. +371 67065000,  Fax. +371 67065001
E-mail   www.bt1.lv

International Exhibition Company BT 1 is a full service exhibition company and, since 1995, has been organising high-level international and national exhibitions, forums and fairs, as well as has been participating as a co-organiser in different events held by its cooperation partners. Achievements of our partners and clients, highly professional and responsible attitude to work, experience accumulated through years allow BT 1 take the leading position among Latvian and Baltic exhibition organisers.

Each year more than 30 exhibitions are held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre and practically all industries of the national economy important for the region are presented there. Major exhibitions usually amass from 600 to 700 companies representing 30 countries of the globe; they are visited by 60 to 70 thousand attendees from such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Russia and many other countries of Central and Northern Europe and the world.

Among partners of BT 1 there are more than 70 professional industry associations from Latvia and other countries, state and self-government structures, diplomatic and financial structures important for the region, public and professional media from more than 25 countries.

International Exhibition Centre at Kipsala

Exhibitions are held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, which is the biggest specialised exhibition complex in the Baltic States and offers facilities, services and quality meeting international standards.

Kipsala International Exhibition Centre is a member of the Latvian Association of Event Centres and the Baltic branch of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC).

Exhibition company BT 1

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