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Strengthening international cooperation 11.11.2017 (776)

 Strengthening of international cooperation. Club meeting in Vilnius

In the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, on November 11 held a meeting of members of the Diplomatic Economic Club with the entrepreneurs of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Belgium.

The general theme of the meeting: "Strengthening mutual understanding in the business environment, approaches to solving problems for building a successful business." Practice and experience"

Thomas Castrel the President of the Diplomatic economic club introduced a new Club member Fernando Vidal-Folk commercial attaché of the Embassy of Spain in Lithuania and Latvia.

Fernando Vidal-Folk told about possible projects of cooperation between entrepreneurs of Spain and the Baltic States. Metallurgy and mining occupy an important place, but do not forget about the fact that Spain is one of the world's leading exporters of fish products. Light industry, especially the production of leather and products made of it - it is here that 4% of the world's volume of footwear is produced.

David Tomaszewski the first secretary of the Embassy of Poland presented examples of cooperation between Polish and Baltic businessmen.

Thomas Castrel introduced the guests to the traditions of the Flanders region in Belgium, promising mutually beneficial directions for business.

Anatoly Butenko , on behalf of the members of the Diplomatic Economic Club, conveyed congratulations to the President of the Club Thomas Castrel on his birthday.

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