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The clause on absence of the responsibility 22.06.2010 (8058)

Members Diplomatic Economic Club ensure the functioning into a site (homepage) www.dec.lv for promotion of access of public to the information on initiatives, actions, events, and also other actual materials having informative character.

The information is given with members of Club, the organizations, the part of materials is taken from the open sources of the Internet. The owner of a site will make all possible(probable) to correct possible(probable) mistakes(errors) on which to it(him) it will be informed.

At use of such data carriers as the Internet, e-mail exists danger a virus. Each user should take independently corresponding(meeting) measures of protection of the data and the equipment from a virus. Using page www.dec.lv and is conducted by its(her) maintenance(contents) under the personal responsibility of the user. The owner of a site does not suffer the responsibility for caused damage, loss of data, loss of profit and other consequences which could arise at using pages of the given site.

In any case, members of the Club, the owner of the site do not bear (carry) the responsibility for correctness, urgency and completeness concerning the material (information) which is being posted on the Internet site. The maintenance of content of the pages has no guarantee. Opinion expressed by an author is neither opinion of the Club nor opinion of the owner of the site.

The mentioned material (information):

  • Includes the information exclusively the general(common) character which cannot be connected at all with the certain situation of the physical person(face) or the organization;

  • The information placed on a site is not full, settling(exhausting,exhaustive) and exact;
    Includes references(links) on external the Internet sites above which the owner of a site has no control and rejects any responsibility for the information placed on them; advertising shown there, texts and the further references(links) since has no on it influence. All references(links) to this page of the Internet are submitted from courtesy. Using them is conducted under the personal responsibility and conducts to an output(exit) from page of a site;

  • This application (statement) concerns (touches) all references (links) what only can be found on the given site;
    does not give any professional or legal estimation (if you wish to receive a special estimation on any question, you can address to the expert). Opinion of author is not opinion of the Club. .

  • Photos, a trade mark placed on a site, belong to members of Club. Copying and accommodation on other resources of materials, photos - under the written approval of the owner of a site

The domain www.dec.lv - Anatoly Butenko, +371 29241870, E-mail  dec @ dec . lv

The clause on absence of the responsibility

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