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Rékasi János 22.01.2010 (19187)

Rekasi Janos
Rekasi Janos
Awarded the Medal of Honor of the Club

2010-2011 - President Diplomatic Economic Club
Rékasi János
2014 - businessman
2012 - 2013 - Counesellor, Embassy of Hungary Libya
2011 - 2012 Adviser, Ministry of Economy of Hungary
2010-2011 - President of Diplomatic Club
2008 -2011 Counsellor, Hungarian Embassy of Economic Affair in Latvia and Estonia.
Place, date of the birth: Algyő, Hungary, 12th July 1953.

1972-1978 mathematics: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
1978-1981 sociologists: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

1982-1984 researcher (urban sociology): BUVÁTI (Real Estate Office)
1984-1989 blue collared workers
1992-1996 senior advisor for deputy mayor of Budapest (dealing with city development, investments, environmental issues, international relations)
1989-1997 lecturer (sociology): University of Szeged
1991-1992 researcher: University of Michigan
1996-2000 head of Monitoring Department: Hungarian Radio and Television Committee
2000-2002 senior officer: Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department for the Development of Regional Information Economy
2002-2005 head of e-Economy Department: Ministry of Informatics and Telecommunications
2006-2008 senior officer: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Transport, Department for the Development of Commerce
2008- 2011- counsellor (economic affaires in Latvia and Estonia): Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Riga and in Tallinn
2011-2013 - Counesellor, Embassy of Hungary in Tripoli

Rékasi János

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