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    Renewed industrial policy for the EU and the Baltics  

    Eugene Eteris, Baltic Course
    More than ever before, the Baltic States needed coordinated and efficient industrial policies. The whole progress of these states heavily depends on this sphere. Present crisis has shown that solid economic growth can only be placed on the shoulders of the efficient productive sector, best of industrial character. The Commission at the end of October has voiced this message; politicians in the Baltics have to take urgent measures.

    Industry must be placed at the centre of both the EU and the Baltic States’ political agenda in order to remain economic leader on a global (for Europe) and on a regional (for the Baltics) level. That was the core message of the Communication – COM (2010) 614 — on „Integrated industrial policy for the globalisation era“ adopted by the European Commission on 27 October on the initiative of the Commission’s Vice-President, Antonio Tajani. The Communication is addressed to the EP, the Council, the Ecosoc and CoR.

    Industrial competitiveness
    Competitiveness and new industrial policies are the prospective trends for the Baltic States development policies.  

    The Communication on „Integrated industrial policy for the globalisation era“ is seen as a flagship initiative of the EU-2020 Strategy, which sets out a strategic plan aimed at boosting growth and jobs by maintaining and supporting a strong, diversified and competitive industrial base in Europe. At the core of the strategy is the idea to offer well-paid jobs while industry is becoming less carbon intensive.

    The Communication is accompanied by a report on the competitiveness’ performance of individual member states and the annual European Competitiveness Report.

    Commission’s opinion

    „Industry is at the heart of Europe and is indispensable for finding solutions to the challenges of our society, today and in the future. Europe needs industry and industry needs Europe. We must tap into the full potential of the Single Market, its 500 million consumers and its 20 million entrepreneurs. There will be no sustainability without competitiveness, and there will be no long-lasting competitiveness without sustainability. And there will be none of them without a quantum leap in innovation!“

    European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, responsible for industry and entrepreneurship
    In the era of intensifying globalisation, the concept of national sectors and industries is obsolete. Therefore, the coordinated European policy responses are needed. Europe also needs an approach that looks at the whole value chain, from infrastructure and raw materials to after-sales service, argued the Commission.

    Promoting the creation and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises has been at the core of EU industrial policy. Moreover, the transition to a sustainable economy has to be seized as an opportunity to strengthen competitiveness.

    Only a European Industrial Policy targeting competitiveness and sustainability can muster the critical mass of change and coordination needed for success.

    Ten key actions for European-Baltics’ industrial competitiveness:

    = An explicit and thorough «competitiveness proofing» of new legislation will be undertaken. The impact on competitiveness of all policy proposals will be properly analysed and taken into account.
    = «Fitness checks» of existing legislation will identify the potential for reducing the cumulative effects of legislation so as to cut the costs for businesses in Europe.
    = The creation and growth of SMEs will be supported by making it easier for them to access credit and help their internationalisation.
    = A strategy to strengthen European standardisation will be presented to meet the needs of industry.
    = European transport, energy and communication infrastructure and services will be upgraded to serve industry more efficiently, taking better into account present rapidly changing and competitive environment.
    = A new strategy on raw materials will be presented to create the right framework conditions for sustainable supply and management of domestic primary raw materials.
    = Sector-specific innovation performance will be addressed through actions in sectors such as advanced manufacturing technologies, construction, bio-fuels and road and rail transport, particularly in view of improving resource efficiency.
    = The challenges of energy-intensive industries will be addressed through actions to improve framework conditions and support innovation.
    = A space policy will be pursued, developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the EU member states. The Commission will develop a space industrial policy to create a solid industrial base covering the whole supply chain.
    = The Commission will report on Europe’s and member state’s competitiveness, industrial policies and performances on an annual basis

    Living up to the ambitions of a strong, diversified and competitive industrial base in Europe requires mutually reinforcing policies. This concerns notably the various flagship initiatives developed under the Europe-2020 strategy and the present plan of efficient EU’s Single Market, adopted on 27 October.

    The Baltic Course Renewed industrial policy for the EU and the Baltics

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