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    Meeting in the Riga Business Club  

    Meeting in the Riga Business Club
    13.09.2012. President of the Bank of Latvia, Mr. Ilmar Rimshevics, at the meeting with the members of the Riga Business Club.

    Ilmar Rimshevic with members of the Riga Business Club took place. The theme of the meeting was connected with the upcoming transition to Euro in 2014.

    Ilmar Rimshevics told businessmen about developments of the financial activities in the country, and on the whole Euro zone territory. There were presented advantageous for the country positions if it introduces Euro.

    Meeting in the Riga Business Club
    Vladimir Solomatin, President of the Riga Business Club.
    Evgeny Voloshin — Vice-President of the Club.

    During the discussion businessmen asked many questions, which touched as general economic issues, as an experience in practical things, which businessmen are dealing with co-operating with partners from different countries.

    President of the Club Mr. Vladimir Solomatin thanked President of the Bank for the opportunity to meet and wished success in strengthening the financial stability in the country.

    Meeting in the Riga Business Club

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