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    Picturesque places in Latvia  

    Picturesque places in Latvia

    Club Members had a chance to visit wonderful places in Latvia.
    Cinevilla Movie Town, Ungurmuiza Manor, Lavender fields, Zilaiskalns and beautiful landscapes while driving the car

     Picturesque places in Latvia. Cinevilla Movie Town

    Cinevilla Movie Town was created for shooting the historical movie „The Defenders of Riga“ («Rīgas sargi»). Now it is a place where to see Riga as it was in beginning of 20th century. Also, new objects are being regularly installed. It is recommended to visit this place keeping silence and in a small group!

    Star Called Sun

    «Star Called Sun», it is a phrase to remember famous musician Viktor Tsoi

    Picturesque places in Latvia. Ungurmuiza Manor

    Ungurmuiza Manor was built in 1732. There are wooden Barocco style houses and magic park, with old oaks and linden trees. From the summer terrace of the restaurant you can see the park and big green trees.

    Picturesque places in Latvia. Ungurmuiza Manor

    Zilaiskalns, — Blue hill — there are forest and many legends.
    There is a sacrificial stone on the top. The sightseeing tower is also exciting!

    Picturesque places in Latvia. Zilaiskalns

    Local people celebrated events there. There lived only healers and magicians, who thought that a hill is a powerful place as it is a crossing point of four fire streams.
    The word Zilaiskalns is similar to words „sil“ or „zil“, related to the word «zīlēt» (fortune-telling), and Russian word «sila» (power). The word „zils“ (blue) is the colour of fog, coming to the hill from the nearest swamps.

    Picturesque places in Latvia. Lavender fields Ц Lillas Lavender

    Lavender fields Ц Lillas Lavender Ц a nice place for relaxing and photo-shooting!
    Once upon a time, God gave Adam and Eve the grass as the consolation Ц lavender and rosemary.Rosemary Ц to strengthen the spirit, and lavender Ц for spiritual enjoyment.

    Picturesque places in Latvia. Lavender fields Ц Lillas Lavender Picturesque places in Latvia. Lavender fields Ц Lillas LavenderPicturesque places in Latvia. Lavender fields Ц Lillas LavenderPicturesque places in Latvia. Lavender fields Ц Lillas LavenderPicturesque places in Latvia. Lavender fields Ц Lillas Lavender

    Travelling in Latvia, we would like to say:
    «It is beautiful and valuable!».
    Enjoy the summer trips in your country!

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