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    Our present is the growth of future  

    Vietfood Ms Chi Bui and Mr.Duong Vu

    At the international exhibition Riga Food, club members and visitors were able to discover a new taste of the Indochina Peninsula — Vietnam presents Vietfood products on the Latvian market. At the exhibition and at the address in Riga, st. Tallinas 10, (as well as ordering online) you can taste and taste the variety!

    Vietfood Ms Chi Bui and Mr.Duong Vu

    «All we cook is made of love and passion. We embody and transmit our culture, tradition and heritage in every dish. Our present is the growth of future. We proudly produce and introduce authentic Vietnamese traditional spring roll in meat and vegan ones which are included very nutritious ingredients such as sweet potatoes, carrots, shitake, black fungus mushrooms…»
    Vietfood SIA Chi Bui, MBA, Owner and Founder  and mr. Duong Vu

    Vietfood rolls

    Just rolls. Some recipes

    «Rice paper, poached chicken breast, vermicelli noodle, cucumber, cabbage, fried shallots, lettuce.»

    «Pork, surimi, carrot, sweet potato, glass nooddle, dried fungus, pastry. Served with Vietfood fish sauce.»


    Unanimous opinion from members of the Diplomatic Economic Club:
    «It’s as delicious as it is nice!»



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