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    At the exhibition Medbaltica 2021  

    Medbaltica 2021 Riga

    Club members visited international medical exhibitions Medbaltica 2021, which takes place on October 7-8, in the International Exhibition Center in Riga.
    Virtual reality for rehabilitation, advanced medical technologies of dentistry and health care, innovative products for the daily work of doctors, conferences for industry professionals — all this at the 14th International Medical Exhibition «Medbaltica 2021»

    Medbaltica 2021 Riga

    Technologies, equipment, materials from different fields of medicine are 80 enterprises from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Romania, Switzerland and Sweden.

    Medbaltica 2021 Riga

    During the exhibition, there are 11 professional conferences for doctors.On October 7, the Association of Health Employers held a conference «Calls of Health System» with the participation of the Minister of Health of Daniel Pavlyuts

    Medbaltica 2021 Riga

    The company «BEKA BALTIC» demonstrates at the exhibition the rehabilitation system from Austria, with which therapy is carried out in the virtual reality gaming environment. The device is intended for children and adults at various stages of recovery.

    Medbaltica 2021 Riga- Agoston Sarlos Embassy of HungaryMedbaltica 2021 Riga- Agoston Sarlos Embassy of Hungary

    The exhibition also presents equipment for disinfection, hygiene products, health goods — products, food additives and cosmetics.  

    Medbaltica 2021 Riga

    The «Medbaltica 2021» exhibition is carried out in green mode — the entrance to the exhibition center upon presentation of the COVID-19 digital certificate and the identity card.

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