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Lavo Vladimir

Lavo Vladimir2010 -2011
Counsellor, Commercial and Economic Section, Embassy of the Slovak Republic in the Republic of Latvia (place of residence), Lithuania, Estonia

Club Member
27.06.2010 (12533)

Marian Mulik

Marian MulikHonorary member of Cllub
2006 — 2010 Third Secretary Embassy of the Slovak Republic

27.06.2010 (14531)

Alexandr Shkurla

Alexander Skurla2004-2007 Second Secretary, Slovakian Embassy

22.06.2010 (13752)

Viktor Borecky

Director of the Department for Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia
2006-2007 President of Club

22.06.2010 (14645)

Baranay Pavol

Pavol Baranay 2008 — 2010
President of DEC,
Secretary Embassy of Slovakia in Latvia

Club Member
21.06.2010 (24511)

Imrich Babic

Imrich Babic Imrich Babic, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Riga, Deputy Head of Mission2006-2008
First Secretary of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Riga

Club Member
21.06.2010 (12306)

Spilda Ivan

Ivan Spilda 2005-2009 Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Latvia

27.01.2010 (15319)

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