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    Development of the tourism industry
    Margarita ShalaevaMedical tourism in Latvia and the Baltic States, Belarus, Greece, Hungary and other countries.Evening in the Diplomatic Club
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    01.02.2018 (5036)

    Bangladesh — Latvia 12 hours flight
    Ambassador of Bangladesh Saiful Hoque at the meeting in Riga on 01.24.2018 Ambassador of the Bangladesh at a meeting in the Diplomatic Club spoke about possible areas of cooperation between entrepreneurs of the two countries
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    24.01.2018 (5457)

    The world of numerals with a large number of zeros
    On January 12, a meeting with a writer, scientist Alexey Alexandrov, the author of the book "Banking Management of Private Large Capital»
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    12.01.2018 (5628)

    New Year it is a miracle when past meets present and the future
    New Year it is a miracle when past meets present and the futureFluffy snowflakes, colourful lights on the streets and in the houses, decorated shops and windows in the houses – all that is present, which helps us to transfer into the future!
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    22.12.2017 (5040)

    Wishes for success in further work
    Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Eva DebskaAmbassador of the Republic of Poland Ewa Debska concludes its work in Latvia and transferred to another job
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    11.12.2017 (5063)

    Metalworking and Mechanical Engineering Tech Industry 2017
    Tech Industry 2017Members of the Diplomatic Economic Club took part in the opening and inspection of the expositions of Tech Industry 2017
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    30.11.2017 (6853)

    Pass the beauty and power of nature to the consumer
     Members of the Diplomatic Club at the Dzintars factory in Riga Members of the Diplomatic Economic Club on November 24 visited the oldest company in Latvia in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics — Dzintars
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    24.11.2017 (8157)

    Strengthening international cooperation
     Strengthening of international cooperation. Club meeting in Vilnius In the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, on November 11 held a meeting of members of the Diplomatic Economic Club with the entrepreneurs of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Belgium.
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    11.11.2017 (4552)

    Best wishes for success in your new job
     Zhazira Mirzakassimova The Consul, Counselor of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Lithuania and Latvia with residence in Riga Zhazira Mirzakassimova moves to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    10.11.2017 (5466)

    Events with a glance into the future
    RIGA COMM 2017Members of the Diplomatic Club took part in the opening and examination of the expositions of the exhibition of business technologies and innovations «RIGA COMM 2017», which takes place November 9-10 in Riga
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    09.11.2017 (4942)

    Kolotilovka — 20 years in the open air
     Kolotilovka — 20 years in the open air The recreation complex in the town of Rukisi near Riga marks its 20th anniversary. Nikolay Kolotilo, the founder of the enterprise organized an autumn holiday of a pumpkin in honor of the anniversary
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    08.11.2017 (5781)

    Beauty multiplies beauty
    Baltic Beauty 2017 opening of the exhibitionIn the international exhibition center on November 3-5 there is an exhibition «Baltic Beauty 2017». Members of the club took part in the opening ceremony and the exposition of the exhibition
    Diplomatic Economic Club®
    03.11.2017 (5573)

    Diplomatic Economic Club®

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    Diplomatic Club for Peace Appeal to world leaders and humanity

    Diplomatic Economic Club strongly condemns and is not accepting any kind of aggression, military collisions, wars between countries, which are happening here close in the center of Europe, on the other continents of the world, in Asia, in Africa.
    Nothing can justify the use of force in any cases, everywhere it leads to suffering of civilians.
    We call all parts, leaders of all levels for a peaceful solution of any disagreements through the dialog and negotiations.
    Only the Peace on our planet, olny Friendship and mutual understanding promote the life of people.
    Please don't even allow yourself any thought about World War III, about nuclear weapons.
    All the humanity remembers the wars of the 20th century, and if somebody has forgotten, please remember. Diplomatic Club for Peace

    Stop War! Peace All over the World

    Diplomatic Economic Club
    unites members from 37 countries of the world.
    Diplomatic Economic Club – is a unique association where people from different countries are to find a common language and contribute to the development of contacts between businessmen of the countries they represent.
    1997 — the beginning of the formation of the idea of creating a club, the establishment of internal interactions in the club on the basis of international exhibitions in Riga, periodic meetings.


    She phrase „Economic Diplomacy“ assumes the diplomatic official activities that are focused on increasing exports, attracting foreign investment and participating in work of the international economic organisations