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    Scientific innovations 2010
    Every year Science magazine makes a list of the most notable innovations in general sciences: Physics, Biology, Genetics, etc.
    26.02.2011 (5922)

    A step towards the pure energy
    The expanding of renewable energy resourses development is rather slow. However, by means of these resources the global warming question and other enviromental problems can be solved.
    25.02.2011 (5221)

    Nokia and Microsoft against iPhone
    Nokia worked out a new strategy: partnership with Microsoft. New Nokias administration decided to join their forces with Microsoft in an attempt to regain ground lost to the iPhone and Android-based devices. The main idea is that Nokias existing smartphone operating systems will be gradually sidelined by using Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system.
    21.02.2011 (4672)

    Radical changes expected in the EU research and innovation funding
    The European Commission launched consultations on improvements in EU research and innovation funding to make participation easier and to increase R&D scientific and economic impact on development. The Commission’s Green Paper is prepared by 7 commissioners and provides the basis for simplification of procedures and rules as well as maximising the contribution of EU research and innovation funding to the EU-2020 Strategy. The consultations will run until 20 May 2011.

    Eugene Eteris, Baltic course

    14.02.2011 (4659)

    The Baltic States would face even more stringent control in future
    Some new signs have appeared in approaching economic governance in the European Union. They have been revealed during the European Council summit that took place in Brussels (4-5 February, 2011). It is about additional intergovernmental approach to national economic and financial policies.
    14.02.2011 (4248)

    Hungary. National Economy
    The Hungarian Ministry for National Economy has always been giving high priority to keep all the foreign experts, analysts and journalists well-informed about the actual economic issues in Hungary.
    05.12.2010 (5315)

    Finnish — Latvian business cooperation
    Finnish Trade center Finpro insure assistance to Finnish companies in entering international markets including Baltic countries and particularly Latvia. Finpro has its own office in Lithuania. Finpro activities in Latvia are provided by Finpro partner  FinBalt Consulting Ltd. FinBalt Consulting offers export market entry assistance as tailored market analyses, partner identification and attraction both for entering Latvian and Finnish markets.
    26.11.2010 (4689)

    EU progress is constantly based on compromises
    Eugene Eteris, European Studies Faculty, RSU
    The summit, which took place at the end of last week, has been the one needed a resolute support of all member states. It was about both the new budget and the ways out of the present crisis. The views varied, and so were the approaches to crisis management. The summits outcome balanced on compromises among there main policy players  France, Germany and the UK.
    02.11.2010 (4969)

    Renewed industrial policy for the EU and the Baltics
    Eugene Eteris, Baltic Course
    More than ever before, the Baltic States needed coordinated and efficient industrial policies. The whole progress of these states heavily depends on this sphere. Present crisis has shown that solid economic growth can only be placed on the shoulders of the efficient productive sector, best of industrial character. The Commission at the end of October has voiced this message; politicians in the Baltics have to take urgent measures.
    01.11.2010 (4496)

    The European Parliaments new role: following the Lisbon Treaty
    Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission-Responsible for inter-institutional relationship and administration discussed the new role of national Parliaments under the Lisbon Treaty (taking the Spanish Parliament as a practical example in the dialogue with colleagues from the Cortes Generales).
    28.10.2010 (4451)

    The trend of the producer`s price of agricultural production in 1995 — 2009
    Below are statistics on the purchasing prices for agricultural products in Latvia from 1995 to 2009, as well as some positions were compared with retail prices of the same period.
    25.10.2010 (5082)

    The statistical analysis of the tourism industry in Latvia, 1996 — 2009
    The statistical analysis of the tourism industry in Latvia
    11.10.2010 (6058)

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