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About Diplomatic Club 22.06.2010 (9978)

The priority of economic interests in the partnership between the two countries favors the development of the stronger social, economic and political cooperation in the world. This process has very important role in the economic diplomacy.
Pavol Baranay President of Club 2008-2010.

Diplomatic Economic Club – is a unique association where people from different countries are to find a common language and contribute to the development of contacts between businessmen of the countries they represent.

In 2003, 20 September, there was founded an informal association «Diplomatic Economic Club» by a group of diplomats (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus), which was based on international experience and practice of foreign trade and economic diplomatic missions

Сlub Presidents

Tikhonov Evgeny
Tikhonov Evgeny 2002 -2003

Rostislav Karpinsky 2003-2004
Kubiznak Ladislav
Kubiznak Ladislav 2004 -2007
Kubiznak Ladislav Viktor Borecky 2007
Pavol Baranay
Pavol Baranay 2008 - 2010
Rekasi Janos
Rekasi Janos 2010 -2011
 Cornelis J. Groeneveld
Cornelis J. Groeneveld 2011 -2013
Dawid Tomaszewski
Dawid Tomaszewski 2013 -2016

One of the club goals is an additional opportunity to consolidate business dialogue with employers, professional associations and other organizations, as well as expanding of the understanding of the economic potential in Latvia.

The mutual understanding is happening through the communication between people. Since 2005, the Club was joined by entrepreneurs, business owners. Currently, the Diplomatic Economic Club brings together diplomats on the economic issues, entrepreneurs, scientists. The members of the Club are representatives from Latvia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Sri Lanka, Spain, etc., more than 30 countries.

There is a high level of intercommunication, the Club members are informed about events and meetings, and by the annual tradition they gather together for a meeting at the beginning of February.

The club regularly hosts meetings with the business community in Latvia, ambassadors of foreign countries and scientists. There are organized visits to enterprises in Latvia. Meetings with local governments, representatives of the state bodies in Latvia. Theme nights. Meetings and acquaintance of the latest Latvian companies are happening in exhibitions, conferences at the International Exhibition Centre Kipsala, Riga .

Club – these are people with different interests. The club strengthens mutual understanding and friendship between people of different nations, which happens through the culture of communication: meetings with families, trips on weekend, etc.

The club takes part in official events, conferences, and is open to cooperation with interested organizations.

About Diplomatic Club

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